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7 Continents Art

The world is full of chaos. I am an opportunity to help humanity. Hundreds of thousands of people souls have been absorber in me, millions of showed pictures that will help us to change the worlds and make it better. 

The goal of 7 Continent Art is – seek for racial equality, religious friendship, ecology, peace, faith, forgiveness and respect in the world.

We believe, that the painting of 7 continents, exhibited in your capital city, for 7 days will be painted with 7 colors. 777 - is our lucky number! Come, contribute to the drawing and you!

We will aim for two Guinness World Records:

1.    A painting painted by the most people.

2.    A Painting painted by the most states. 

The time when canvas painting will be exhibited in Vilnius. Location - Vilnius catedral square


  1. Sign up. In the signature journal write down your name, country, and sign in. Your name will be added to the general list of signed people - the list of contributors.
  2. Select. Choose your desired colors to paint. We would be happy if you choose all the colors of the world and do not separate any of them!
  3. Slush. In the drawing you can paint whatever you want. You can barely touch the drawing with the brush, or you can paint strongly. It's your choice.